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logo-onsrThe Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) is an independent body corporate established under the Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) Act 2012.

The primary objectives of the ONRSR are to encourage and enforce safe railway operations and to promote and improve national rail safety.

The ONRSR was established in July 2012 and commenced operations on 20 January 2013.

The ONRSR has responsibility for regulatory oversight of rail safety law in the jurisdictions of South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia.

Subject to the passage of applied or mirror legislation, it is expected that Queensland will also be regulated by the ONRSR.

The ONRSR is required to set out a Statement of Intent for agreement by the Transport and Infrastructure Council.

It refers to the ONRSR’s goals as set out in its Corporate Plan, which are to:

maintain and improve rail safety through a risk-based approach to regulation
reduce regulatory burden on industry
under a co-regulatory framework, support industry in its operation of safe railways for Australia
promote safety awareness and work with industry on safety improvement and research
value and enable our people in pursuit of high performance
develop our systems to optimise our performance.
To achieve these goals, the ONRSR aims to maintain and improve rail safety through consistent risk-based application of the law across jurisdictions, sharing and improving regulatory practice and developing strong stakeholder relationships and engagement.