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logo-ptv-300x300About PTV

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) is a statutory authority that manages Victoria’s train, tram and bus services.

It provides a single contact point for you to gain information on public transport services, fares, tickets and initiatives.

Public Transport Victoria: Find everything you need to know about Public Transport Victoria, including the organisational structure, board of directors and major milestones.
Victoria’s PT network: Find everything you need to know about Victoria’s public transport network including operators, performance monitoring, network statistics and its history.
PTV data and reports: Public Transport Victoria regularly analyses the network to create a better understanding of how it is used and how we can improve it for customers.
Media Centre: Public Transport Victoria issues media releases on network-wide topics.
Employment: Applying for jobs at Public Transport Victoria or within the public transport industry.
PTV Latest campaigns: Campaigns designed to raise awareness of services, initiatives, products and projects to help Victorians make the most of their public transport network.