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Michael King

Michael King – Staged Signalling Infrastructure & Commissioning
(BE) Electrical, Signalling Commissioning Engineer

Michael’s career spans over 20 years in rail infrastructure for both government organisations and private enterprise.  Michael’s experience enables him the to manage complex signalling construction and commissioning engineering tasks on large scale metropolitan re-signalling schemes using his specialist insight into the constraints of delivering signalling projects in a multi-discipline environment.

Michael’s strengths lay in his ability to provide a balanced signalling approach where he can apply various degrees of adaptation of signalling staging to optimise project delivery whilst considering non signalling discipline constraints.  Michael’s peripheral appreciation of all disciplines whilst maintaining signal system integrity is an extremely valued skill and in this way Michael combines with the other members of Rail Planning Services to deliver a truly balanced team of rail experienced professionals.

Career Highlights and Major Projects
•Signal Commissioning Engineer for RailCorp responsible for the Epping and Chatswood Interfaces of the Epping to Chatswood Rail Link. Responsible for delivering the complex staging of the interface works in conjunction with the other rail systems disciplines, together with the overseeing the technical aspects of the commissioning the final scheme.

Also responsible for the Project Management of the construction of the signalling for both the Epping and Chatswood interfaces. Heavily involved in the acceptance testing of the signalling for the tunnel portion of the project and directed the overall integration into the network.

•Signal Commissioning Engineer for the Rhodes to Normanhurst ATRICS Project, which replaced local signal boxes between Rhodes and Normanhurst with a new computerised workstation in a new multi-million dollar Signal Control Centre. This project was one of the early works to enable the Epping to Chatswood Rail Line.

•Technical Manager, Sydney Light Rail. Responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of all aspects of the Sydney Light Rail system, including rail systems, light rail rolling stock, ticketing systems and platforms.

•Significant other project management and signalling commissioning management experience of various other projects throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.