Bruce Dowdell


Bruce is an Environmental specialist with over 25 years’ experience in both Road and Rail environments. He has extensive experience in noise management, freight emissions and has provided expert advice on air and greenhouse gas issues.

Bruce has exceptional communication skills and has represented NSW on national committees established to determine Australian Design Rules for vehicle emissions.

Strengths & Skills

  • Project/Program Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Rail Noise Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Excellent Communication and Leadership Skills


Sydney Trains

Senior Manager – Rail Noise Management Program                                                                                                  2011 – 2016

Responsible for implementation of the Strategic Rail Noise Action Plan (SNAP). To support SNAP established systems to monitor program effectiveness through noise monitoring, engagement with community groups and an effective complaints management system. Permanent noise monitoring systems were established on the main freight lines and short term monitoring was conducted at over at over 100 sites to provide objective feedback on the effectiveness of noise reduction measures. The introduction of improved methods for the collection and analysis of noise complaints allowed for a structured and prioritised approach. Engagement with community groups helped clarify issues and provided a mechanism for communicating progress.

Manager – Freight Emissions                                                                                                  2011 – 2016

Responsible for the review of programs to manage the impact of freight emissions on the community. The review of programs to manage the impact of air quality, greenhouse and noise emissions from road and rail freight identified noise emissions from freight rail as the highest priority issue not being addressed by existing programs. This conclusion was supported by advice from NSW Health that wheel squeal from rail freight was a health issue.





Senior Environmental Specialist – Air and Greenhouse                                                                                                  2006 – 2011

Responsible for the provision of expert advice on air quality and greenhouse gas issues. The major issue was to position the RTA to meet the challenges of climate change. This required the development of a strategic plan, the RTA Climate Change Plan and personally driving several key actions in the Plan.

Manager – Vehicle Emission Management Program                                                                                                  1999 – 2006

Responsible for policy related to the reduction of emissions of noise, greenhouse emissions and noxious pollutants from vehicles and for the development and implementation of programs to reduce vehicle emissions. Represented NSW on the Land Transport Environment Committee (LTEC). LTEC provided advice to Transport and Environment Ministerial Councils on matters that affected vehicles and the environment. LTEC recommendations provided a foundation for a significant strengthening of Australia’s vehicle emission and fuel quality standards.

Manager – Vehicle Standards                                                                                                  1992 – 1999

Responsible for policy and technical issues related to standards for the design, construction and maintenance of vehicles used on New South Wales roads. Develop Standards; develop policy and regulations to give effect to the Standards; ensure effective implementation of the regulations by establishing policy for the training of enforcers and for the development of publicity and information packages for the public. Managed the provision of on-line technical support to senior staff within the RTA and the Ministers office, to the Police, to RTA inspectors and to the public.

Manager – Crashlab Traffic Accident Research Unit                                                                                                  1989 – 1991

Responsible for establishing it as a commercially focused biomechanics of injury research centre and a centre of excellence in research, accident investigation and impact testing of vehicles and safety components. Managed multidisciplinary teams of up to 30 staff including engineers (mechanical, electrical and biomedical), scientists, computer programmers, doctors, nurses, behavioral scientists and technical officers as well as consultants such as architects and business consultants. Accreditation for the testing laboratory was gained from the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

Qualifications & Affiliations

  • BSc. (Eng.) – University of NSW
  • Corporate member of the Institution of Engineers