Malcolm Kerr


Malcolm would be considered the most experienced Rail Track Engineer in NSW with recognised expertise in track, track system & wheel/rail interface. Malcolm utilizes this knowledge and experience in development and review of Engineering Standards, determining maintenance requirements, undertaking technical reviews and integrity assessments and the application of technologies to real-world situations. Malcolm has held some of the most senior technical positions within NSW rail and contributed to national rail technical committees such as; National Infrastructure Committee; National Wheel Rail Committee; National Standards Development Committees and various CRC projects

Strengths & Skills

  • Manage design review and assurance activities.
  • Develop and oversee Standards Development Programs
  • Develop and oversee track integrity assessment and reporting
  • Design and assurance activities
  • Technical investigation and compliance review
  • Develop and issue instructions and waivers to manage short term track integrity issues.
  • Quality governance and risk management


Rail Planning Services

Various assignments                                                                                                              2014 – Present

Undertaking Chief Track Engineer role on Sydney Metro Northwest.
Assessing various Country Regional Network lines for increased axle loads and speeds.
Providing Technical advice to ONRSR and Transport Projects Division.
Assessment of the Mermec MTP outputs versus the existing AK Car Track Recording System


Assigned to Sydney Trains                                                                                                              2013 – 2014

Assigned to Sydney Trains, for mentoring new staff, finalised 2012/13 Integrity Report. Services provided included technical management and support of rail squats investigation by independent expert, subject matter expert for Mechanised Track Patrol implementation, subject matter expert for various Technical Maintenance Plan reviews and technical investigation of the Lidcombe derailment.

Various and Progressive Principal and Chief Track Engineering Roles                                                                                                              1992 – 2013

Roles included managing the Track Services unit of Engineering Services; the Track Assurance unit of Engineering Assurance and development and management of standards. Services provided included assessment  of technical integrity of the network via audits and inspections, managed track design and the development of standards, authorised standards, assess and provide waivers, rollingstock authorisations and configuration changes, monitored research, technology and new processes and review for adoption into RIC network, technical Authority for track infrastructure for RailCorp/RAC/RIC, including control and development of standards, standards waivers, technical authorisation of, all track standards developed for RailCorp, authorisation of tailored technical maintenance plans. Certification of new projects and works and new rollingstock operations, assessment of track performance and identification of issues of concern, development and assessment of new technologies and processes for value adding to network, chair and coordinator for wheel/rail technical issues, provision of expert advice to operating divisions and projects and conduct specific investigations/ projects into issues and incidents.

Provided services to various clients including Rail Access Corporation Assets Group, Rail Access Corporation Operations Group, FreightCorp, State Rail, Rail Services Australia Corporate, Major Works, Maintenance and Consultancy Groups, developed performance standards for track and right of way for Rail Access Corporation, technical adviser to N.S.W.  Wheel/Rail Committee, vested with Engineering Authority for RAC to approve: Waivers to Standards; New Products and Processes; Changes to the Operating Instructions.

Various Rolls throughout NSW                                                                                                              1980 – 1992

Division/District Civil Engineer, Wollongong

South Coast Track Strengthening Engineer/ Project Engineer

Division/Upgrading Engineer Katoomba

Qualifications & Affiliations

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) Hons Class 1- University of New South Wales
  • Graduate Diploma Maintenance Engineering & Management – University of Wollongong (1995)
  • Completed APESMA courses on OH&S and Risk Management
  • Completed “Interaction Management, Tactics and Strategies for Effective Leadership”   by Development Dimensions International (1998)
  • Transportation Technology Centre – completion of Railway Dynamics Seminar (2004)