Constructability Review

At Rail Planning Services, our constructability reviews, reports, analysis and workshops provides an opportunity to understand and communicate a proper
construction methodology for each of the route/ project options.
The operational requirements and system interfaces shape what can be achieved done and also provide opportunities for improvements to those who understand them.
Our personnel are experienced in the live rail environment and delivery of brownfield projects.
They have detailed knowledge of the Operational aspects of Rail and are able to translate and negotiate requirements with clients and contractors alike.
We utilise P6 and BIM tools to enhance our client services.

Improving efficiency of proposed design by reviewing:
• Live Rail Environment impact assessment
• Design Suitability
• Design Review
• Risk Identification and mitigation
• Opportunity identification and realisation strategy
• Program Development
Increase efficiency of proposed construction
methods and resource use through:-
• Overall Optimisation
• Risk reduction/management
• Staging, Commissioning, Temporary Works Design
(Identification & Solutions)
• Critical Resource Identification
• Possession Planning and Negotiation
• Amenity impacts of proposed designs, with
regards to vibration, noise and visual impact