Ongoing Project Planning and Delivery Management

A well structured plan for significant rail projects may span several years from concept through to project commissioning and finalisation.
Whether it is a smaller rail project requiring a single development review or a large scale project over several years, Rail Planning Services has the
experience and planning techniques to deliver the optimum outcomes for your next Rail Infrastructure Project.
Being in control requires the understanding of a logical staged delivery utilising available rail access (possessions) and begins to evolve into commissioning
strategies to align with long term planning objectives.
This process requires the multi-disciplined interfacing experience, depth of knowledge and modern planning techniques at the core of the Rail Planning Services

Successful delivery through:
• Specialist Workshop Facilitation
• Technical Expertise and Design Review
• Detail Staging Development and Review
• Critical Resource Analysis
• Long Term Resource Planning
• Construction Efficiency Reviews
• Possession Management and Possesion Alternative Refinement
• Value Engineering Realisation and Delivery Options
• Detail Schedule and Programme Development
• Safety Advice – OH&S and Rail Safety
• Stakeholder Identification, Management and