Project Concept and Feasibility Development, Project Definition

Rail Projects are often based around operational and
functional objectives; as such the desire to achieve the
end functionality drives the initial scope, time and cost
Taking a rail project from concept to finished product
is where Rail Planning Services excels. Robust
planning can be clearly demonstrated through clear
identification of the staged changes required to deliver
the project while maintaining safe and reliable rail
operations. The correct scope, time, cost and risk
profiles require an understanding of technical options
and delivery models. To many this is not often evident
during the early stages of rail infrastructure project
Rail Panning Services has the proven multi- disciplined
experience to develop any rail project and provide a
reliable vision for the future delivery.

Efficiency of proposed design
• Stakeholder Identification and Management
• Support
• Technical Option Analysis
• Constructability Development
• Layout and Design Review
• Robust Delivery Planning
• Project Development Support
• Delivery Risk Identification and Analysis Support,
Risk Workshops
• Specialist Workshop Facilitation
• Site Investigation and Infrastructure Condition
• Value Engineering Support
• Scheduling and Programme Development
• Cost Estimate Review