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Feasibility & Concept Definition

Rail Projects are often based around operational and functional objectives; as such the desire to achieve the end functionality drives the initial scope, time and cost parameters. Taking a rail project from concept to finished product is where Rail Planning Services excels. Robust planning can be clearly demonstrated through clear identification of the staged changes required to deliver the project while maintaining safe and reliable rail operations. The correct scope, time, cost and risk profiles require an understanding of technical options and delivery models.

To many this is not often evident during the early stages of rail infrastructure project development. Rail Panning Services has the proven multi- disciplined experience to develop any rail project and provide a reliable vision for the future delivery.

  • With our experience we are able to add value to many areas of the projects we are involved in. One area is understanding, and developing, business requirements. Here we focus on problem identification by discovering outcomes and objectives. In addition, concentrating on key stakeholders, and how to collaborate with these parties, is paramount to the success of our venture. We categorise the requirements for clearer understanding, which development items include functional, operational, technical and transitional requirements.

    Once understood and development is underway, the business requirements development take shape via robust analysis, ultimately analysing the situation through precise definition, prioritise requirements, analyse impact, identify potential risks & limitations and determination of feasibility. This method is proven, we have the skills and experience to execute, and know the value that can be added using such a process.

  • Rail Planning Services have a wealth of experience readily available to provide the necessary inputs to develop a functional specification. With previous relevant project experience, we survey the available information in preparing the functional specification utilising current standards and industry best practice taken on board from known lessons learnt.

  • Understanding the way a project will progress involves a complex method to propose a possible solution. Rail Planning Services are skilled in understanding future project needs and drivers, critical to the success of any business case. Our support includes discovering project options, which will be strategically aligned to the needs of the project. We model demand and forecast costs & benefits, ultimately ranking options based on deliverability and constructability.

    Our skills and experience cannot be passed upon, as a high level of integrity is afforded to the business case with our involvement – leading to long-term project savings and allowing the greatest chance of business case approval success.

  • Optioneering is the systematic examination of the performance of alternative and designs to better meet major construction challenges. Rail Planning Services take into account the impact of each design method on a project’s cost, environmental footprint, and safety issues. With us there is a skilled development of construction methodology, including delivery and staging options. Considering these areas is done by utilising constraint and risk identification learnt from decades of experience. The benefits of such optioneering being realised is to position for critical resourcing and brownfield constraints. These benefits are realised now and moving forward, as is the ongoing value engineering achieved.

  • Utilising skills and experience of our people, industry recognised subject matter experts, to develop projects with and for our clients and partners. Our approach is tried and proven, including Rail Planning Services facilitating workshops and estimating support, as well as project scheduling and program development. The experience we bring to project development support will add value through accurate planning, cost benefits and risk identification & mitigation – value which will be realised throughout the whole of the project life-cycle.

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