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Olympic Drive Bridge

Client:                                    Sydney Trains – Transport for NSW

Project Value:                       $15m


The Olympic Drive bridge carries both the main and local rail traffic between Sydney and the West. Olympic Drive is a six-lane major arterial road with the rail bridge decks supported by a central pier separating the east bound traffic from the west. The existing steel lattice structure and timber sleepers was replaced with a precast bridge structure and direct fixed rail during a five-day possession window between Christmas and New Year. The bridge included civil, signaling OHW, HV transmission line works and the use of a 750 tonne crane to complete the lifting of the eight new 250 tonne bridge deck sections and associated panels.


Scope of Service

Completed a detailed evaluation of the original MSProject schedule and reported on its suitability for managing the proposed bridge renewal project. Following evaluation of this schedule, it was agreed to rebuild the schedule and provide scheduling support during the possession. Work with the various team leaders representing the individual rail systems (civil, track, signaling, overhead traction wiring) to develop an integrated construction schedule for the possession period. Provide scheduling support during the possession by working with the construction teams, updating and maintaining the schedule, producing continuous status reporting and early identification of potential issues, possibly preventing the recommissioning of the track, enabling passenger services to recommence.


Project Outcome

Sydney Trains acknowledged the success of this possession due to the close working relationship between the various construction teams and the scheduling support, giving the ability to change the construction sequencing as required during construction activities and changing conditions. The project was acknowledges as a tremendous success with scheduling support now required on all high risk possession projects.