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Webb Street, Riverwood

Client:                                    Sydney Trains (Major Works)

Consent Authority:              Transport for NSW

Project Value:                       $8m


The Webb Street bridge carries both the main and local rail traffic on the East Hills line and is located west of Riverwood Station. The project required replacement of the existing concrete bridge structure with a new precast concrete structure and direct fixed rail during a two-day possession window. Despite this being a relatively small bridge, the project had to contend with additional precautions due to the close proximity of the Ethane Gas Pipeline (EGP) running feed product to the Botany Industrial Park requiring a EGP management plan and establishment of an exclusion zone restricting site access.


Scope of Service

Co-ordinated with the various team leaders representing the individual rail systems (civil, track, signaling, overhead traction wiring) to develop an integrated construction schedule for the possession period. Provided scheduling support during the possession by working with the construction teams, updating and maintaining the schedule, producing continuous status reporting and early identification of potential issues possibly preventing the recommissioning of the track enabling passenger services to recommence.


Project Outcome

The project was successfully completed within the nominated two-day possession window with passenger services commencing as scheduled.