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Jemena – [Newcastle] Clyde Street Remediation Project


Client:                                    Jemena

Consent Authority:              Environmental Protection Authority / Dept. of Planning & Environment

Project Value:                       $32m


The Clyde Street 7.5-hectare site has operated as a gasworks from 1913 to 1985 under Newcastle Gas Company. In 2006 Jemena acquired the site from AGL as part of a business transition. Jemena commenced remediation in 2014 following exhaustive site investigation and sampling by a number of specialist consultants. The NSW Minister of Planning declared the project as State Significant Development (SSD) in November 2015. A Management Order (MO) issued by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in December 2015 imposing timeframes for assessment and remediation activities. The Remediation Action Plan (RAP) was completed in June 2016 describing the proposed remediation of the site to industrial/commercial standard via removal of nominated material, construction of a diversion wall and containment cap.


Scope of Service

Recruited by Jemena in July 2016 to develop a detailed delivery schedule sequencing activities describing the end to end project activities. The schedule incorporating the Jemena seven stage governance gateway process covering detail site investigation (data gaps), preparation of documentation, sequencing of regularity approval processes, pilot excavation, stabilization trial activities, scoping and tendering, selection of a remediation contractor, remediation and validation activities through to the final validation reporting, signoff and project closure.

In September 2016, requested to fill the vacated position of Project Manager for the Newcastle Clyde Street Remediation Project managing the co-ordination of the project moving forward through the approval process.


Project Status

The Remediation Action Plan (RAP) was submitted to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in June 2016, with the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Recommendations (SEAR’s) being issued by Planning & Environment (P&E) in September 2016. Availability of these documents enabled commencement of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) scheduled for completion May 2017 with Public Exhibition shortly after. It is expected that the approval will necessitate going to Planning Assessment Commission (PAC).

Site remediation activities are expected to commence late 2017 with an estimated completion date of early 2019. As of February 2017, all requirements detailed within the EPA Management Order have been achieved with the project progressing with regular communication with bot the EPA and P&E. A request for amendment to the EPA MO remediation commencement/completion dates was successful with the revised dates now aligning with the expected approval activity durations.