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Accurately forecasting cost, completion and revenue all hinges on a solid, reliable project schedule. Fuse produces clear and concise reports so analysis and performance can easily be reported to contractors along with to-do lists of any needed improvements.



  • Fast, easy repeatable approach to project analysis
  • Comprehensive set of 250+ metrics including Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) 14-point Assessment.
  • Identifies potential problems with project schedules according to the Project Management Institute’s best practices guide.
  • Means of improving schedule realism by eliminating flaws
  • Means to generate more achievable plans and higher confidence
  • Means of reviewing changes through the Forensics analysis
  • Advanced Logic analysis not available in any other tool set
  • Powerful add-on to existing project management (PM) investment
  • Quantifiable return on investment (ROI)
  • Benchmark against other similar sized characteristic projects
  • Saves time and helps you deliver projects on time and on budget


Acumen Fuse®
Acumen Fuse® is a schedule diagnostics tool that quickly identifies and resolves project weaknesses. With Acumen Fuse, establish a strong project foundation, and

  • Build sound and achievable schedules without a manual critique
  • Analyze your schedule and get a clear and contextual view of schedule quality, cost-forecast accuracy, project performance, and more
  • Standardize schedule assessment with customizable and repeatable metric analysis
  • Improve project team and stakeholder communications with meaningful automated reports

Acumen Risk™
Acumen Risk™ integrates cost and schedule risk analysis with a project team’s existing risk register for an accurate reliable forecast. Acumen Risk simplifies the risk analysis process to provide a clear path forward.

  • Capture team input on risk and uncertainty with ease and accuracy
  • Evaluate and report true cost and schedule risk exposure
  • Identify the high risk areas of the schedule and the drivers behind that risk



Acumen 360™
Acumen 360™ gives you the ability to accelerate time frames, recover delays, and analyze project scenarios in real time. 360 offers an innovative method to improve and optimize project plans.

  • Run any number of “What-If..” analyses to truly understand how acceleration or delays affects the project
  • Automatically generate schedule scenarios for comparison and decision support and export the chosen scenario back the native scheduling tool
  • Apply intelligence to the acceleration to ensure acceleration options are realistic and achievable