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individual Joint Performance Process (JPP)

Definition:Process for Liaison and Cooperation Network Rail and each Access Party shall establish an individual JPP for regular liaison and cooperation between Network Rail and that Access Party with a view to fulfilling the Performance Objectives. The individual JPP shall be consistent with the ability to enable performance reporting at national level and to compare performance as between different Access Parties, while facilitating the parties? ability to accommodate needs at local level. It may be documented within the JPIP. Frequency of Meeting
The individual JPP shall include at least a Joint Performance Review between Network Rail and that Access Party each Reporting Period during the term of each relevant Access Agreement between them. It may also provide for more frequent review meetings and less frequent planning or strategic meetings. Notwithstanding the process, either Network Rail or that Access Party may require a Joint Performance Review to be held at any time by giving at least 14 days? written notice to the other with a proposed agenda of items to be considered.
Attendance at Meetings
The individual JPP shall provide for meetings to involve suitably senior representatives from all parties, attending on a consistent basis so far as reasonably practicable.
The Reporting Period Joint Performance Review
The individual JPP shall provide for the Joint Performance Review held each Reporting Period to address at least:
(a) presentation by Network Rail of performance data in respect of the previous Reporting Period relevant to Network Rail and that Access Party;
(b) an analysis of that performance data;
(c) a comparison against any applicable JPIP, including an assessment of reasons for any shortfalls or improved achievement in comparison with any relevant JPIP performance targets and any relevant JPIP action plans;
(d) consideration of actions which may be planned, tested, implemented or Source:Network Rail – Network Code