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Interoperability constituent

Definition:Any elementary component, group of components, subassembly or complete assembly of equipment incorporated or intended to be incorporated into a subsystem upon which the interoperability of the trans-European conventional rail system depends directly or indirectly. The concept of a ?constituent? covers both tangible objects and intangible objects such as software. The interoperability constituents may be:
– Multiple-use constituents: these are constituents that are not specific to the railway system and which may be used as such in other areas;
– Multiple-use constituents having specific characteristics: these are constituents which are not, as such, specific to the railway system, but which must display specific performance levels when used for railway purposes;
– Specific constituents: these are constituents that are specific to railway applications. Source:Directive 2001/16/EC On the interoperability of the trans- European conventional rail network