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Joint Performance Improvement Plan (JPIP)

Definition:Parties to a JPIP
Except to the extent that it is agreed otherwise under Condition LA7.1, Network Rail and each Access Party shall agree a JPIP which
covers all the parts of the Network over which that Access Party has rights of access. This does not preclude a JPIP being agreed between Network Rail and more than one Access Party.
Each JPIP shall specify the period to which it relates. It is anticipated that elements of a JPIP may relate to differing periods, reflecting the short, medium or long term nature of the plans concerned.
Contents of a JPIP
A JPIP shall contain such matters as are agreed between the JPIP Parties as being designed to achieve the Performance Objectives for the period covered by that JPIP, including:
(a) performance metrics to be used for reporting on performance, the information to be provided by each party to the other for the purpose of Source:Network Rail – Network Code