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level of maintenance

Definition:The level of Maintenance defines the complexity of activities (inspections, checks, tests, preventive and corrective operations, repairs, exchanges etc.) which are undertaken during the maintenance process. It may be divided in 5 levels:
The first level includes the actions of checking and monitoring undertaken before the departure (pre-departure) or en route.
The second level includes inspections, checks, tests, fast exchanges of replaceable units and preventative and corrective operations of limited duration between two scheduled journeys.
The third level corresponds to the operations carried out mainly in specialised facilities of a maintenance centre. It includes interventions of preventative and corrective maintenance and scheduled exchanges of components. The vehicle is not in active service during this level of maintenance.
The fourth level comprises the major maintenance operations, generally called overhauls (of modular subsystems or of the complete vehicle).
The fifth level comprises the refurbishment, modifications, very heavy repairs, renewal or upgrading, except where they are the subject to authorisation under the interoperability directives (2001/16 and 96/48). Source:CMW Glossary