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Microsoft – Word – Templates

The purpose of this guide is to define the parameters to load the Rail Planning Services directly from Sharefile. With with:

  • You will able to access the latest templates for your current projects
  • You will save time
  • You will be able to report any inconsistency in a particular template – affecting all the organisation

Estimated Time of Completion: under 10 minutes
7 Steps


1A. In Microsoft Word, open the FILE menu (or press ALT+F)


1A. In Microsoft Word open the OPTIONS menu ( or press T if you pressed ALT+F in step 1A)

n File, open the OPTIONS menu


2 In word Options, go the ADVANCED option
3. In advance Options, go to General Options > File Locations 


4. Modify the address for  USER TEMPLATES and WORKGROUP TEMPLATES for  (..) Sharefile\Folders\0100 General Admin\0120 Templates
5. NOTE: Use the full path to your sharefile folder including the HD location for example: F:\Sharefile\Folders\0100 General Admin\0120 Templates



6. Start a new File -instead of featured use the CUSTOM templates



7. Now you can start using all the RPS templates