Northern Sydney Freight Corridor (Stage 1)

  • Transport Projects Division – Transport for NSW
    Transport for NSW
    The Northern Sydney Freight Corridor will increase
    capacity for interstate container freight and remove
    the most serious bottleneck on the East Coast
    interstate, which connects Australia’s three largest
    cities (Melbourne,
    Sydney and Brisbane). Stage 1 is made up of a combination of three projects, which when
    complete, will provide additional capacity in the network to allow freight to travel from
    Strathfield to Newcastle within the peaks.
  • Rail Planning Services was engaged as the Constructability Advisor to assist with the
    development of methodologies, staging diagrams, program’s and reports for Gosford
    Passing Loops (GPL) and Epping to Thornleigh Third Track (ETTT). This included reviewing the concept designs developed by the Technical Advisor and providing client side feedback and advice. Our role expanded into providing project management support at a “Program Level”. This support included assisting with the development of tender documents during the Procurement Phase and forming part of the Tender Review Panel for both these projects. RPS still has a continuing role on the NSFC Program providing, interface management, possession and critical resource management.
  • The construction staging proposed by RPS for GPL and ETTT were adopted by the
    successful bidders from both projects. This confirmed that the staging, possession and
    resource strategy proposed during the planning stage was correct and provided client
    confidence that the projects could be delivered within the time constraints.