South West Rail Link Glenfield Transport Interchange (NSW)

Transport for NSW, Projects Division
NSW Department of Planning
The South West Rail Link is a NSW Government
initiative to respond to issues of reliability and
passenger growth on the metropolitan rail network
and population growth in south-west Sydney.
The South West Rail Link includes a major upgrade
of Glenfield Station and bus/rail interchange and a new twin track passenger rail line from
Glenfield to Leppington via Edmondson Park. Construction of the South West Rail Link
commenced at Glenfield in August 2009.
The project includes a major upgrade of the existing Glenfield Station and bus/rail
interchange, including a multistory commuter car park and providing grade separation
through Glenfield Junction by the construction of Glenfield North and Glenfield South rail
• Technical review of rail system, station and passenger interface design packages
• Constructability design input and coordination
• Review design and methodologies for relocation of major external Authority utilities
• RailCorp configuration management and asset control
• Detailed live rail environment possession planning & execution
• Multiple contractor & stakeholder interface management
The Junction commissioning is to take place in June 2014 as detailed by RPS in the Staging
reports. This date has not changed for three years demonstrating the robustness of the
RPS Staging