Dominic Troiano


Dominic has 25 years of extensive knowledge in the construction and infrastructure industry specializing in rail related infrastructure projects. His experience covers the management, planning and execution of major construction projects and has been involved in the successful delivery of numerous infrastructure related work.

Dominic has extensive exposure to high profile tenders, ability to carry out and manage detailed estimates, contract administration, planning and coordinating possession work, managing project costs, programming and design constructability reviews.

Strengths & Skills

  • Project Management, Leadership, Good Communication Skills.
  • Delivery Strategies.
  • Financial Management, Feasibility Studies.
  • Programme Management, Possession Planning.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Design Coordination.


Transport for NSW – Northern Sydney Freight Corridor

Project Manager (Resources)                                                                                2013 – 2014

Engaged with Transport for NSW on the Northern Sydney Freight Corridor program as a Resource Manager looking after specific Sydney Train resource requirements for each Alliance to assist them with the delivery of works as the projects progress. Working closely with each project reviewing programs, designs and resource requirements to ensure key milestone dates and possessions are met. Providing support and up to date information to the project team and TPD Senior Management. Liaising with Sydney Trains to ensure TPD’s program requirements are resourced.

ARTC – Southern Sydney Freight Line

Underground Services, Possession Planning and Rollingstock Manager                                                                               2010 – 2013

Engaged with the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) as the Underground Services, Possession Planning and Rollingstock Manager for the construction of the Sothern Sydney Freight Line. Developed a comprehensive management system to support the installation of new and relocation of existing services. (Detailed Site Survey of Services) DSS.

Assisted the team with ensuring all services installed, relocated and or made redundant was accurately reflected in a survey accurate as built similar to the dial before you dig plans to comply with the asset owners requirements (RailCorp). Managed the Possession Planning, RailCorp Resource requirements and Rollingstock delivery process and worked closely with management and RailCorp to ensure ARTC work was included during critical possessions.

RailCorp – Major External Works

Senior Project Manager                                                                                2009 – 2010

The South West Rail Link (SWRL) project, responsible for establishing a clear scope and role for RailCorp in the overall project for stage 1 of the upgrade and established a framework outlining RailCorp’s role and responsibilities to ensure our PC obligations were discharged in line with RailCorp’s SMS and statutory WHS requirements. The contractual arrangement between Novo Rail and RailCorp was administered in line with the Program Alliance Agreement and was an integral part of my role during my time on the project. Worked closely with stakeholders both internal and external and provided project scheduling information were required.

Provided planning information for early works and possessions, coordinated resources, worksite protection requirements and overall project reporting. Attended design presentations and ensured that the relevant internal Chief Engineers and relevant discipline experts were available to review and provide comments to ensure design packages were fast tracked through the organisation to meet possession depended deadlines.

RailCorp – Novo Rail Alliance

Senior Project Manager                                                                                2008 – 2009

The Emu Plain stabling yard project was proposed between 57.000km to 58.800km located west of Emu Plains Station on the up northern side of the existing main west line. Determined the overall scope of the project and worked closely with stakeholders to ensure expectations were managed. Established a financial structure in line with the approved Business Case.  Provided up to date reports to the client to ensure progressive funding was available, established an overall schedule for the project detailing early works and approvals required, established the Steering Committee for the project.

Worked with the team to establish the advantages and disadvantages of both environmental approvals and to assist with determining the possible time implications to the project end date. Established a detailed site investigation including DSS for the entire area to assist with the concept design and relocation of services.

RailCorp – (Major Projects, Renewals) MPM Program

Project Manager                                                                                2004 – 2008

Major Periodical Maintenance Program ($25m) – Extensive service relocation work HV, LV, Comms, and Fibre Installation. Responsible for possession coordination management, track work, platform reconstructions, station building upgrades, bridge and earthworks, retaining walls, overhead wiring structure Installations, shotcreting and geotechnical work along with drainage, water retention and building compound remodeling.

Qualifications & Affiliations

Diploma in Project Management

Advance Building Construction Certificate (Clerk Of Works)

Shopfitting and Detail Joinery (Trade)

Member of the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM 34063)