Tristan Doust


  • Tristan has completed postgraduate studies in Transport Management with a focus on Strategic Transport Planning. Tristan is positioned to provide transport strategy analysis and advice with a strong ability to apply analytical skills to problems, including those involving multiple disciplines. Tristan has a background of 8 years of asset management experience in the transport industry.
  • As part of studies in the field of transport management, the following skills have been developed in:
    • Strategic transport modelling and forecasting, using OmniTrans modelling software, as well as the critical assessment of strategic transport forecasts across all modes
    • Developing traffic management strategies, using Aimsun traffic modelling software, and formulating mobility management strategies, skills which are transferable to rail scheduling

Strengths & Skills

  • Familiarity with the RailSys software suite used by Transport for NSW
  • Training in transport policy analysis and development
  • Comprehensive computer skills including SPSS, ArcGIS, RStudio, OmniTrans, Aimsun, Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Photoshop
  • Complex research, report writing, and verbal communication skills acquired through study and professional work
  • Strong ability to apply analytical skills to problems, including those involving multiple disciplines
  • Strategic Transport Modelling & Forecasting.
  • Quantitative Analysis & Predictive Analytics.
  • Spatial Analysis for Planning & Management in Transportation, Logistics & Infrastructure.
  • Transport Policy Analysis & Development.
  • Development of Traffic & Mobility Management Strategies.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis Appraisal.


Rail Planning Services – Technical Manager (2016)                                                                                                         


Sydney Trains Electric Rail Lubricator Tender Technical Specification, 2016


  • Worked as part of a team in preparing a tender technical specification to be used by Sydney Trains in tendering for an upgrade of all mechanical rail lubricators on the Sydney Trains network to new electric rail lubricators.
  • Demonstrated initiative in consulting and liaising with key stakeholders to understand and reconcile competing perspectives of technical requirements for the new hardware across the different relevant disciplines within Sydney Trains and applicable manufacturers.
  • Collaborated closely with the team leader to address stakeholder conflicts and risks to satisfactory project completion.
  • Work was completed to a high standard and under budget despite a tight timeline for project completion.

Windana Research – Asset Management Analyst (2008-2016)                                                                                                         


Sydney Trains Signal Technical Documentation Review 2015 –2016
Newcastle Line Truncation & Wickham Station 2014
Sydney Light Rail Extension 2013 – 2014
Auburn Stabling Yard, Clyde Connector Line 2013
Glenfield to Leppington Rail Line 2011 – 2014
Epping to Chatswood Rail Line 2008


  • Demonstrated initiative, responsibility and accountability for the completion of work tasks, such as the creation of asset management plans, operations and maintenance manuals and asset registers.
  • Led small collaborative teams in undertaking project works. This has required taking responsibility and accountability for the actions of the team, efficient delegation of tasks and responsibilities within the team, the provision of specialised advice and working effectively alongside team members.
  • Conducted work in collaboration with working teams from companies such as John Holland, ARUP, Cardno and Atkins.

Professional Development

RailSys Software Suite, 2017

  • In conducting an evaluation of the RailSys software suite for educational use while serving as a Research Assistant at Southern Cross University, a familiarity with the core functionality of the RailSys software has been developed. This includes use of the RailSys Infrastructure Manager, Timetable and Simulation Manager and the Evaluation Manager

International Peace Building Initiatives, 2006

In undertaking training courses in conflict resolution and reconciliation, unique leadership skills and insights into stakeholder engagement and conflict resolution have been developed. In bringing these skills to this role, Tristan is well equipped to identify, understand and provide balance in developing outcomes with respect to the fundamental positions of different stakeholders and their concerns or interests.



Qualifications & Affiliations

Master of Transport Management – University of Sydney, 2016

Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Studies) – Macquarie University, 2013

Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology – TAFE, 2005