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Operation & Maintenance

The Rail Planning Services Team has substantial knowledge and experience in the Maintenance and Operation of Railways. We have held senior positions in Australian Rail entities as Rail Infrastructure Managers, such as Sydney Trains, Queensland Rail, and John Holland CRN.  Our skills and experience service track, civil, signalling, train control, communications & electrical disciplines, enabling the development of maintenance plans to realise long-term benefits involving any part of the rail asset.

We have a pragmatic approach developed from the management of assets through their life cycle with major rail asset owners and maintainers. Rail Planning Services are true practitioners of asset management, assisting the partners we work with in a range of services.

  • The Rail Planning Services team is adept in providing specialised Asset Management System Support to a wide range of projects and organisations. We are comfortable in doing so throughout the asset’s life cycle, and believe that value can be added to the asset by utilising our proven systems and knowledge available.

    Rail Planning Services provide capability in the development of Asset Management Systems and supporting processes and procedures compliant with ISO 55000. We tailor Asset Management Plans to meet the business requirements of the Partner we work with. As part of this process we optimise the balance between asset utilisation and maintenance costs, critical to maximising the value of any asset.

  • Rail Planning Services have a range of skills, including that of investigating and reviewing incidents. Our technical expertise in Track, Signalling, Traction Power & Operational Readiness enable us to investigate incidents to determine root cause and contributing factors. The benefits from these findings are founded in developed recommendations and lessons learnt to mitigate the future risk of recurrence.

  • We have ample experience in delivering above and beyond for our partners, as is the case with Technical Maintenance Plan Development. With our experience, Rail Planning Services apply expert knowledge in developing Technical Maintenance Plans, including service schedules and detailed tasks, from the application of Standards or development from FMECA and data analysis.

  • Assessing the performance of assets to determine the root cause of failures or loss of functionality. Rail Planning Services understand this, and project benefit is clear by allowing us to review maintenance practices to avoid premature failure of assets, while balancing the cost of corrective maintenance versus preventive maintenance.

  • Rail Planning Services has experience in the development and review of Rail Engineering Standards. We can provide critical inputs in interpretation and applying a risk based approach in developing cases for dispensation. Benefits of such value is evident in the standards we review both now and moving forward.

  • Rail Planning Services can assist in the assessment or development of a Signalling or Track Type Approvals. We are able to support in line with the requirements of the key Rail Infrastructure Managers and the Assets Standards Authority, adding value to the process where required.

  • We are technical leaders in our field, including the ability to develop Rail Engineer Training content. Rail Planning Services too have the know-how to deliver the training once developed, key experience which we have available.

    Members of our team currently work with Southern Cross University and with Engineers Australia in developing and delivering training in Railway Engineering. Additionally, we have capability in Signalling Competency Development and re-accreditation.

  • Rail Planning Services have the technical capability to assess the current configuration and condition of your asset. Our investigations lead to determining current capacity in terms of load and speed  which will assist in understanding the trade off between higher capacity and maintenance cost. We too have the experience in developing ‘What If’ scenarios. These are able to be developed to determine what enhancements can be made to gain the desired capacity, and quantify the costs involved.

  • Rail Planning Services have the required experience to fundamentally develop or review a detailed Works Plan for the partner we are engaged with. We successfully seek to meet expectations through key Works Plan development and support, allowing the future works to be carried out inside budget costs and schedules.

  • Rail operations are second nature to Rail Planning Services, with so many of the trusted team having spent so much of their careers in this area of expertise. This experience includes delivering value through operational procedural review and assistance, as well as assistance interpreting and adopting regulatory requirements.

  • Providing assistance in configuration management is something Rail Planning Services can deliver on for the partner we are working with. We will effectively define the overall process from planning the works, to recording the configuration change, to assessing its impact. If required, we can then continue our service by engaging the necessary key stakeholders in consultation, prior to submitting the change for a determination of suitability.

  • Critical to our continuous improvement on projects is to take on board the lessons learnt on a project forward to our next engagement. This process is something that Rail Planning Services has successfully implemented for many years, and will continue to so moving forward. By doing so we have provided our partners with many cost and time savings through proven solutions founded in our previous experience.

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