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Planning & Delivery

A well-structured plan for significant rail projects may span several years from concept through to project commissioning and finalisation. Whether it is a smaller rail project requiring a single development review or a large-scale project over several years, Rail Planning Services has the experience and planning techniques to deliver the optimum outcomes for your next Rail Infrastructure Project. Being in control requires the understanding of a logical staged delivery utilising available rail access (possessions) and begins to evolve into commissioning strategies to align with long term planning objectives. This process requires the multi-disciplined interfacing experience, depth of knowledge and modern planning techniques at the core of the Rail Planning Services team.

On all projects the seamless integration of new installations into the existing transport system is of major importance. Interfaces may also exist with other authorities or projects and these must also be managed. Rail Planning Services provides strategies and resources to achieve the coordination of all interfaces to ensure that an appropriate interface agreement is in place. By doing so we minimise any impact on rail operations and customer service, while ensuring project delivery. Rail Planning Services can facilitate meeting client requirements such as configuration control, resource allocation and possession bids.

At our core is our expertise in constructibility reviews, reports, analysis and workshops, providing an opportunity to understand and communicate a proper construction methodology for each of the route/project options. The operational requirements and system interfaces shape what can be achieved and provide opportunities for improvements to those who understand them. Our personnel are experienced in the live rail environment and delivery of brownfield projects. They have detailed knowledge of the operational aspects of rail and can translate and negotiate requirements with clients and contractors alike. We utilise P6 and BIM tools to enhance our client services.

  • Constructability is at the core of the Rail Planning Services skills and experience. First and foremost this area of technical excellence allows us to identify opportunities and then a strategy for realisation. This process includes construction efficiency and multi-discipline reviews – both critical in adding value toward Project Finalisation and an eventual Commissioning Strategy.

    The continued constructability support of Rail Planning Services is clearly evident during specialist layout and design reviews. During this process we test design suitability and overall optimisation, with continued focus on being solutions driven. Staging, commissioning and temporary works design is paramount to understanding, and improving, the constructability of a project. We consider these items together with value engineering and delivery options, ensuring delivery optimisation and project assurance.

  • Through years of experience, we know the complexity that comes with Interface Management. Rail Planning Services has the know-how to push a project forward with must-have knowledge in hand. Our experts manage such demands through key stakeholder management, as well as ongoing live rail assessments including: interface analysis, environmental impact and operational considerations.

    Construction interface management is vital to our method of achieving project success and adding value. In addition, we add value through integrated design checks across multi-disciplined projects. During this reasoning, Rail Planning Services focus on any business constraint development needed to be considered; in addition, systems requirement specification is also robustly reviewed for overall appreciation of the situation in hand. We round out our added value through operator interface determination and management, as well as necessary network integration (systems and processes) through a solutions focus and industry best practice approach.

  • Risk identification and mitigation requires specialist skills and experience to ensure success. Rail Planning Services has the requirements to deliver above and beyond in this area of the project. We do so through focused workshops, both facilitating and participating, to make sure all precautions are realised. Our risk reduction, mitigation and overall management is vital to all projects, reducing impact of construction processes on surround properties, road users and existing public transport services.

  • A plan is a key ingredient to a successful project; Rail Planning Services specialises in detailed schedule and program development for the benefit of the whole of project. During our service to deliver detailed schedules and program development, we seeks to identify critical resources for long-term resource planning – vital to the overall successful planning and delivery of a project. Rail Planning Services is also skilled and experienced in possession coordination, negotiation and alternative refinement. Each of these skills in possession planning and management saves times, money and misaligned resources for the good of the project in hand.

  • Engaging with Rail Planning Services brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in Operational Readiness. With our subject matter experts we are able to plan, assess and assure project Operational Readiness, directly impacting the delivery of the project through positive means.

  • Workers are our most important asset, as is their safety and risk of injury and illness. We at Rail Planning Services understand this, and put the safety of our team, and those that work with us, as our top priority. We monitor rail safety processes, reviewing where needed, while developing and implementing improvements where our experience of industry best practice can be applied.

  • Project Management is at the forefront of the technical skills that Rail Planning Services possess. We have a range of skills and experience in project management, including the project management of multi-disciplined projects. Given our subject matter experts and wider team of professionals, we too hold a skill set unmatched in the management of complex brownfield projects – considerable value to be used through engagement of these project management skills. This experience includes our knowledge surrounding commissioning management and support, as well as stakeholder engagement toward a unified goal focused on delivery.

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