Welcome Sarath Fernando – Geotechnical Engineer

We are pleased to announce that Sarath Fernando has joined the Rail Planning Services team.

Sarath has over 30 years’ experience in various branches of civil engineering including geotechnical, railway, highways, buildings and project management, with almost 20 years in the NSW transport sector.

He specialises in geotechnical engineering, with extensive experience in railway applications, foundation engineering, earth structures, ground improvement methods and soft ground engineering, rockfall protections systems, geotechnical instrumentation and observational methods in geotechnical engineering.

Sarath has comprehensive knowledge of safety management systems, geotechnical risk analysis and management, railway asset maintenance and management, remote monitoring of civil infrastructure and more. He has been involved in the development of engineering standards, specifications and technical maintenance plans, and has carried out research and development in new applications to solve geotechnical problems, including new monitoring systems, warning systems for geotechnically sensitive areas and new approaches to numerical modelling.

Sarath’s academic and professional achievements include BScEng Hons (Civil), MEng, PhD and PGDip in Construction Management. He is a Certified Associate in Asset Management (CAAM) through the Asset Management Council and has recently achieved the Chartered (CPEng) and NER credentials through Engineers Australia.

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