About Us

Rail Planning Services is an independent consultancy, specialising in transport infrastructure projects. We provide project management and technical advisory services, solving challenging problems for both public and private sector clients

Who We Are

Our team consists of hand-picked professionals, including project managers, engineers, construction experts, safety advisors and surveillance personnel. 

Our people have extensive experience across all phases of the project lifecycle, combining management expertise and technical knowledge, offering our clients unparalleled service.

We provide services on a variety of projects, ranging from very small projects (where we may provide a single advisor) to large, complex infrastructure projects (where we may provide a whole team).


Rail Planning Services has established itself, over the last decade, as a trusted advisor to our clients, providing high value services.

Our History

Rail Planning Services was established in 2009, when a group of fresh-faced engineers decided to combine their talents and decades of experience in the rail sector.

They did just that and began providing unparalleled service, offering a combination of extensive technical knowledge, hands-on site experience and management expertise.

As the projects portfolio grew, we recruited high quality individuals to meet the unique and ever evolving needs of our clients, and our team kept growing.

Today, we have an amazing team of dedicated professionals, ranging from those with decades of experience to undergraduates, across a number of engineering disciplines, and we’re still growing.

Our Vision

To better our community through superior transport outcomes.

Our Mission

To be a trusted advisor at the forefront of rail and transport planning, delivery, operations and maintenance across Australia, delivering expert advice and high value services to our clients.

Our Values

Rail Planning Services lives the following values:


  • treat others the way you would like them to treat you
  • welcome the differences between us and the value of diversity
  • recognise the worth of the contributions of others


  • employ a strong work ethic
  • always act with integrity
  • take responsibility for your actions
  • continually develop knowledge and skills


  • deliver the best possible outcomes
  • collaborate to utilise the skills of the team
  • inject innovation into transport solutions
  • unlock our potential by solving the most challenging problems
  • recognise achievement and teamwork


  • look after your health and wellbeing
  • create a healthy work/ life balance
  • take care for your safety and the safety of others