Glenn Bentley – Engineering Credentials

Congratulations to Glenn Bentley, Chief Executive Officer at Rail Planning Services, for recently achieving the EngExec and Chartered (CPEng) credentials through Engineers Australia.

Rail Planning Services is committed to supporting our people in their journey to achieving and maintaining their credentials, as we work toward a fully credentialed workforce, contributing to our culture centred around professionalism, capability, competency and excellence.

Glenn has the overall responsibility for managing the operational control of the business. He has over 30 years’ experience in the rail industry and has successfully built and led large teams in both the public and private sectors for the delivery of complex transport infrastructure projects in Australia and internationally. Glenn is highly experienced in managing many forms of complex commercial / contractual structures and has worked on both the client and private sector sides. He has built a strong record of successfully delivering complex, significant infrastructure in difficult and heavily publicly scrutinised environments.

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