Welcome Martin Cantwell

We are pleased to announce that Martin Cantwell has joined Energy Planning Services, a division of Rail Planning Services, and will be spear-heading our work in the energy sector.

Martin has 30 years’ experience in project and construction management across various sectors including electricity transmission, utilities, road and rail, water infrastructure and mining, in both greenfield and brownfield environments.

He has a strong track record in project delivery, working within teams and development of projects from concept design to completion.

Martin excels at direct supervision and has significant experience with energy project procurement including design management, quality assurance, technical, material price adjustment, cost control Forex, customs clearance, handling including container logistics, destuffing, co-ordination and delivery to site, as well as work methodology and risk management.

Martin has extensive experience in developing relationships with stakeholders, working collaboratively with teams to achieve project delivery for best project and longer term sustainable outcomes.

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