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Rail Planning Services are a hand-picked team of experienced rail consultants and contractors; we pride ourselves on adding value to all rail infrastructure projects. The individual expertise of our team is combined through a dynamic multi-disciplined approach to produce industry leading planning techniques, outcomes and innovative approaches to delivering complex rail infrastructure projects.

Through the pragmatic combination of the teams extensive knowledge and experience we can unlock true value engineering. Our logical delivery sequencing and constructability based design across multiple rail disciplines transforms rail infrastructure concepts into deliverable reality. Rail Planning Services can take rail projects to a new level of planning and delivery confidence.

Rail Planning Services engage closely with the client’s project team in identifying and developing risk management options through proactive analysis. The depth of experience in the team is the key to uncovering previously unforeseen or undervalued risks, allowing the project to develop with clearer strategies in risk management and strategic delivery options. Ongoing client benefits of working closely with the Rail Planning Services team include client team education and continuous improvement on client rail planning techniques. Rail Planning Services can also tailor ongoing support and resources to ensure long term project objectives are realised whilst managing project impacts over the project life cycle.

Project changes will occur and are often caused by modifications to rail access, possession changes, resource priorities and productivity variances. These changes are an opportunity to streamline project delivery and investigate viable alternatives. Rail Planning Services place the rail project in a position to negotiate confidently knowing the logic behind the project planning and delivery strategy has our name behind it.

With a focus on clearly identifying and delivering the needs of our Clients, Rail Planning Services provide comprehensive multi-disciplined solutions to major rail infrastructure projects. Our depth of rail experience and proven multi-discipline approach is our strength.