More Trains More Services – Stage 3 & 4

Transforming Sydney’s Heavy Rail network


FutureRail (for TfNSW)


Sydney, NSW



The MTMS Stage 3 & 4 program is an integrated delivery plan to implement service improvements to:

  • Central Sydney Capacity Upgrade (STAR 2 & 3 including power upgrade;
  • T4 Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line Transformation;
  • T8 Transformation;
  • Sydney Metro City and Southwest Integration;
  • T5 Fleet Build Up; and
  • Digital Systems roll out targeting critical and life expired assets.

Rail Planning Services was engaged by the FutureRail JV as part of the MTMS 3 & 4 Technical Advisor team to undertake constructability reviews, program and staging development. Responsibilities included:

  • Development of construction programs;
  • Constraints of network operation;
  • Possessions regimes;
  • Constructability in design development prior to client submission;
  • Review of competing projects and interface issues identification of network identification delivery risks and opportunities;
  • Timetable modelling and scheduling; and
  • Rail/road interface analysis.