Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail Project Interface Management

12kms new light rail line, 20 stops, 2 stabling facilities




Sydney, NSW



The CBD & South East Light Rail plays a key role in enabling Sydney’s transport future by transporting thousands of customers between Sydney’s Inner West suburbs and Central, and between the CBD and Randwick or Kingsford in the South Eastern suburbs. The project involved the construction of 12km’s of new track including 20 new stops, a stabling facility at Randwick and a new maintenance facility at Lilyfield.

Rail Planning Services worked as the Interface Manager between the project and Sydney Trains / TfNSW Infrastructure Stakeholders. The role includes ensuring Sydney Light Rail construction activities affecting the TfNSW and Sydney trains’ assets are completed in accordance with the asset owners’ requirements.

Our team provided mentoring to construction staff around the applicable requirements, including working in close proximity to HV services, coordinating key Authorised ST resources, corridor access, easements and notifications while ensuring the necessary stakeholders are aware of the processes being followed, calling upon strong meditation requirements to make certain a best for all resolution is achieved.

Challenges included managing construction interfaces with Sydney Trains stations, and various impacted assets, including: underground services, tunnels and substations (e.g. two of the Light Rail Substations where built on Sydney Trains’ corridor adjacent to existing Sydney Trains running lines and other critical assets).