Sydney Metro City & Southwest Constructability Services

30km railway, 7 new stations, 11 station upgrades


WSP / Aecom (for Sydney Metro)


Sydney, NSW


Expected 2022

Sydney Metro City & Southwest (CSW) is part of Australia’s largest public transport project, its first driverless passenger railway.  CSW will extend Sydney Metro Northwest under Sydney Harbour, through new underground stations in Sydney’s CBD to the south west to Bankstown. The project consists of 30km of railway, 7 new underground stations and upgrading of 11 existing stations.

The WSP / AECOM Joint Venture were appointed as the Technical Advisor, with the Rail Planning team providing constructability reviews of designs and live rail constructability advice to assist in design developments and methodologies.

Rail Planning Service’s role the validation of the feasibility and methodology of the required construction activities to achieve the design intent, taking into consideration constraints such as the rail network possessions program. The services include the provision of all constructability advice associated with the preparation of the Reference Design and in accordance with Sydney Metro AEO.

A key portion of the deliverables concerned the augmentation of the rail systems of the existing Sydney Metro, along with the construction and conversion of the brownfield Bankstown Line. One of the primary requirements was the design development of options for the conversion of the Bankstown Line, testing each option in line with the project outcome of minimising customer impact and reviewing cost efficiencies to align forecast cost to available budget.