More Trains More Services – Stage 2

Transforming Sydney’s Heavy Rail network




Sydney, NSW



The MTMS Stage 2 program is an integrated delivery plan to implement service improvements on the T4, T8 and South Coast lines. Upgrades include:

  • Central station platform extensions;
  • Signalling;
  • Southern stabling options (Wollongong, Port Kembla, Waterfall and Sutherland);
  • Station upgrades;
  • Traction power; and
  • Fire life and safety to the airport line tunnel.

Rail Planning Services were engaged by TfNSW to undertake constructability reviews and reports (including staging diagrams) for packages including Sydney Terminal Area Reconfiguration, Airport Line Traction Power Upgrade, Mortdale Maintenance Centre reconfiguration and Hurstville Crossovers. Our team then led negotiation of possession strategies to deliver the works in parallel with other major projects and competition for critical resources. Rail Planning Services also provided constructability advice for major reconfigurations at Waterfall, Wollongong and Port Kembla.

In addition, Rail Planning Services were engaged through the Technical Advisor to develop the designs and optimise constructability while identifying and managing interface issues with other major projects being delivered across the Sydney Network including Metro CSW and Metro North West.