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Sydney Trains Interface Management

The Minister for Transport announced a comprehensive change to rail services in NSW. As a result, the responsibilities previously held by RailCorp were transferred to three new entities of Sydney Trains, NSW Trains and Asset Standards Authority (ASA) with the functions of planning, policy, regulation and strategic procurement transferred to TfNSW.  With the new Agency of Sydney Trains being an “operator maintainer” of the Sydney passenger rail network, significant structural and personnel changes resulted.  Major capital portfolios of work being delivered by Transport Projects on behalf of TfNSW are still required to be delivered to defined milestones and commissioning dates during the rail reform period.

Transport for NSW – Transport Projects
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Transport for NSW
  • Transport Projects interface with the new “operator maintainer” Agency, Sydney Trains, is paramount for the successful delivery of the multibillion portfolio of capital works, either being delivered or pipelined to commence, during this transition and change period.  Projects include finalization of the Rail Clearways Project; the delivery of Northern Sydney Freight Corridor, Auburn Stabling, Digital Train Radio System and the Clyde & Auburn Junction Works.   Transport Projects engaged Rail Planning Services to provide a recognized key interface manager to work between NSW rail industry agencies who can act as a trusted and knowledgeable intermediary and who can speak volumes through his professionalism and career experience to benefit the cooperative performance for delivery between agencies to achieve the project outcomes.

  • Project delivery momentum has been maintained, genuine client relationships have been developed.  Further, interface outcomes have ensured the decision-making process is in accordance with the new endorsed Rail Services Contract and the ASA principles.  The role has encouraged, developed and supported a strong working relationship and culture of mutual trust and respect between Transport Projects and Sydney Trains which has assisted in the development of a team approach in delivery.  It has allowed the provision of best value option advice where there is risk to project delivery and facilitation for the improvement on existing and new developing systems and processes that maximises effectiveness for delivery of Projects to meet the defined milestones and delivery schedules.

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