Traction Power Scope Development for MTMS

Complex traction power advice and reviews




Sydney, NSW



The TfNSW Rail Power Development Team are responsible for development and definition of the power scope component of the major NSW metropolitan rail capital programs including the various More Trains More Services (MTMS) stages.

Rail Planning Services were engaged to define power scopes and manage risks associated with delayed delivery.

Specific scope included:

  • Airport Line DC modeling & analysis (including for future 24 trains per hour);
  • Wolli Creek SS DC modeling/ analysis for new DC feeding location;
  • T4/South Coast OHW & DC feeder analysis for latest MTMS2 input timetable;
  • Waterfall yard sectioning options review;
  • Mascot 33kV options analysis;
  • Airport Line OHW limits review to reduce scope;
  • Alternate Hurstville-Mortdale DC feeding assessments;
  • Overarching AC traction study analysis;
  • AC backup scoping analysis and reporting for MTMS4 Strategic Business Case;
  • Sydney Terminal DC modeling and analysis to develop upgrade plan 2020-2032;
  • STAR 2030 study including developing and assessing DC sectioning options;
  • Input to 10-year capital power corridor plan development by others (including rail earth volts modeling and analysis of 2030 input timetable);
  • Modeling and analysis for negative return cable rating assessments;
  • Modeling and analysis for STAR SS capacity upgrade trigger point;
  • Technical input to DC feeder scoping optimisation process including developing new software, site data review and adjacent circuit derating analysis;
  • DC inter trip setting calculations for Richmond line to assist with operational issues; and
  • South Coast DC Capacity assessment to inform timetable development team on existing limitations.

Various other innovation/ optimisation activities were provided by Rail Planning Services such as power modeling inputs review, reviewing basis of aerial line ratings in ASA standard, model validation (SCADA loads, train data and passenger loading review), and DC cable life study methodology reviews.