Traction Power Scope Development for NIF

Complex traction power reviews




Sydney, NSW


Expected 2021

The TfNSW Rail Power Development Team are responsible for development and definition of the power scope component of the major NSW metropolitan rail capital programs including New Intercity Fleet (NIF).

Rail Planning Services were engaged to define power scopes and manage risks associated with delayed delivery.

Specific scope included:

  • Detailed assessment of DC intertrip requirements to refine scope definition;
  • Stabling assessments for various locations and scenarios (e.g. Eveleigh, Wollongong);
  • AC network upgrade options analysis (Strathfield Supply Point out of service);
  • Analysis of EA653/713/7Y2 proposed upgraded conductor options;
  • Penrith OHW analysis and Penrith SH removal;
  • Leura OHW reduced passenger numbers analysis; and
  • Wyong N131 measurements analysis for DC Intertrip scope.